Terms & Conditions – CAAJOO App

These Terms and Conditions represent a contract between Innovation Pioneers for Information Technology Company, the owner of the trademark CAAJOO, and the Application Users (Service Providers and Service Seekers), which govern the users and their use of the app whether they are Service Providers or those looking for them “Service Seekers”. The application is a platform that connects service providers to service seekers, allowing service seekers to post their requests and then receive offers from service providers.

Below are the definitions of the terms used in the Terms and Conditions:

Application / Platform: CAAJOO application.

Application Owner / CAAJOO Owner / Owner of the Trademark CAAJOO: Innovation Pioneers for Information Technology Company.

Service Provider: The party offering their services in the application in the form of making offers to posted requests made by service seekers.

Service Seeker: The party looking for services by posting requests for service providers to view and potentially receive offers to their posted request.

User: Both parties, service provider and the service seeker.

Law: Governing law of Saudi Arabia.

Innovation Pioneers for Information Technology Company, the owner of the trademark CAAJOO, provides these terms and conditions to familiarize you with our legal policies and practices .Please read and review these terms and conditions carefully before using this application.Your use of this Application means your irrevocable consent to be bound by these terms and conditions.

General Terms and Conditions:

1. The user of the CAAJOO Application and the services available therein shall be subject to the terms and conditions of application in addition to the applicable regulations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

2. We may, at any time, and at our sole discretion, modify these Terms and Conditions of Use, including our Privacy Policy, with or without notice to the User. Any such modification will be effective immediately upon public posting. Your continued use of our service and this application following any such modification constitutes your acceptance of these modified terms.

3. The user agrees to access and use the application only for legitimate purposes, and the user is solely responsible for the knowledge and compliance with all laws, regulations, terms, conditions and policies concerning their use for the application.

4. The user shall abide by the following:

4.1 Not abuse the use of the application in any way.

4.2 The application shall not be used for criminal activities or civil liability under the laws and regulations of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

4.3 Not posting or promoting any illegal content, including content that includes racial discrimination, defamation, harassment, fraud, insult, obscene, immoral or any other content that affects religion, Islamic laws, regulations, or public policies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

4.4 Not using the app to upload any content that contains viruses, files, programs or tools that cause harm or impede the application’s operation.

5. The application is a platform that connects the service provider and the service seeker. The application represents the role of the intermediary only and has no role in what takes place between the service provider and the service seeker. The application owner is not responsible in any way for any agreement, arrangement, contract, dispute or any kind of relationship between users.

6. The application contains several service categories classified as (Delivery – Cleaning Services – Shopping Services – Fresh Meat – Homemade Cooking – Fashion, Makeup and Hair Stylist – Wedding/ Event Organizing/ DJ – Gifts & Flowers – Photography – Graphic Design / Drawing / Photoshop – Interior Design – Tutors & Lessons – Writing & Translation – Song Writing – Legal Attorney – Government Services – General Contracting / Construction – Plumber – Electrician – Air Con & Fridge Specialist – Labour/Handyman – Machinery & Equipment – Car Services / Washing / Oil Change – Scrap Trade – Technology Services & Repair). The application owner reserves the right at any time to add any new/remove any current category without having to notify users.

7. The application is aimed at those above the legal age and disclaims responsibility for those who are not. By accepting these terms, it is a confirmation the user is above the legal age.

8. The application acts as a mediator between service providers and service seekers for a nominal fee that the application deducts from the service provider in the form of in-app gold each time a service provider make an offer to a service seeker. The application reserves the right to change the value of fees charged to service providers at any time.

9. Previous ratings and reviews submitted by service seekers for service providers and the profile and portfolio of the service provider are the only factors that assist service seekers to determine the level of reliability and trustworthiness of the service provider. The application owner has no obligation to provide any guarantees of the level of quality, cost, safety and form of services service providers will offer.

10. The application owner shall have the right to terminate or suspend the use of the CAAJOO application without notice for any reason. In case of termination, the user will not be able to access the application and will not be entitled to claim any kind of compensation from the application owner.

11. The application owner does not provide any kind of guarantee or warranty regarding the materials and information contained in the application and the user’s use of the application is at their own risk.

12. The purpose of the application is to connect service providers to service seekers, and the application owner shall not be held responsible for any relationship between them and shall not have any responsibilities toward the parties.

13. While the application owner pays great attention to protecting users information, the transmission of data on the internet can be unsafe. Accordingly, any data sent, including user information for service providers and seekers, is the responsibility of the user himself.

14. The application owner reserves the right to provide the government security authorities with any available visible information to the application owner, about a specific user who committed a crime or any act that threatens the homeland or citizens security or violates the regulations of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in any way within the scope of the application. Such information can only be given to a government security authorities based on a formal written request to the application’s owner specifying the user whose data are required. The user data visible to the application owner are: Username, User ID, Mobile Number, Email, Location given by the user, Profile Photo, Details of a request for a service seeker, or details of an offer for a service provider.

Service Provider Terms and Conditions:

– The Service Provider shall, when displaying the content of their service, pledge that such information and service are legal and legitimate and do not violate the laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

– The application owner may delete and cancel any service that does not adhere to the terms and conditions of this agreement.

– The application owner reserves the right to legally hold any user accountable for using the application for legal or lawful violations or for the purpose of defamation or impersonation or use of the application for non-purpose by a competitor, and other irregularities that are not acceptable.

– The application owner may ban or delete any service provider if they prove their lack of seriousness and credibility in dealing with service seekers.

– Requests submitted by service seekers require service providers to pay certain fees as in-app gold to be allowed to make offers to service seekers as well as unlocking the chat functionality with service seekers.

– Service providers commit to comply with any terms, conditions or notices sent through the application or updated in the agreement without notification regarding their services for seekers.

– The service provider is obliged to provide the correct information about the service provided by them and add a detailed explanation of it and preferably photos to their portfolio to illustrate their previous work and demonstrate their level of proficiency.

– When a service seeker post a request for a specific category and accepts a service provider that has made an offer, the service provider is fully and personally committed to completing the task successfully and in accordance with the highest standards of service seeker’s satisfaction otherwise could be liable.

– Users are committed not to violate the laws and regulations of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or the employment labor with law violations, contrary to the regulations of workers and work through our platform.

– (Delivery) Category: The Service Provider acknowledges and agrees not to use this service category in violation of the application policy in transporting individuals, as this is a clear violation of the application policy and the Saudi Arabian Transport Authority’s law. This service is only aimed for the delivery of packages, items, groceries, documents and any other legal orders with accordance to the laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The application owner reserves the right to take legal action against anyone who violates this policy or any other policy listed in this Agreement.

Service Seeker Terms and Conditions

– Service seekers are committed to decency and honorable common standards in dealing with service providers.

– In case it deems necessary and without notice, the application owner shall ban or delete any user if found not to fulfill their obligation to another user and the offending user may become legally accountable if taken an action against.

– The service seeker agrees not to use the rating feature for the service provider to violate any of their rights or to blackmail them or to write obscene language against them or other unacceptable behavior. If done by any user, the application owner has the right to delete, modify or keep the content of the material written in the evaluation or take the necessary action against the offending user.

– The service seeker ensures and agrees that it is their responsibility to take all the necessary measures to verify the reliability, credibility and trustworthiness of the service provider before proceeding with any relationship or agreement. The service seeker is also committed to posting requests that do not violate the application policies and regulations of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and not misuse any service categories such as (Delivery) as a mean for person’s transportation as it is a clear violation of the laws of Transportation Authority in Saudi Arabia.

Responsibilities of The Application Owner

– The application is an intermediary between the service provider and the service seeker. The application owner implements and executes robust measures to monitor and combat any kind of fraud, or misleading and unacceptable activities. However, the application owner is not responsible for any action, damage or dispute that occurs between users, as only the service seekers and providers bear the responsibility of such action. The application owner made the platform only to facilitate connecting users to each other and is not accountable for any action that occur between them.

– CAAJOO is a platform that connects service providers to service seekers in order to only facilitate communication between them.

– The application and its owner are not considered to be part of the relationship between the service provider and the service seeker.

– The application owner does not guarantee the service provider or seeker to fulfill their commitments to each other.

– The application owner does not verify the identity of any of the service providers or those seeking it.

– The application owner does not verify the existence of formal documents and licenses for service providers.

– In no event shall the application owner provide any warranties, compensations or remedies to either the Service Provider or the Service Seeker.

– The application owner is not responsible for any relationship or agreement between the service provider and the seeker with regards to service, contractual, technical, financial or otherwise regarding the fulfillment of mutual commitment (between users). The application owner does not bear any responsibility for such relationships.

– Users whether Service Providers or Seekers agree to exempt the application owner from any liability to its owner, officers and representatives for any claim, dispute, costs, damages, liability, and any direct or indirect loss to any party arising out of an act by one of the users of the application, and each of the service provider and seeker waives a final and irrevocable concession in accordance with the laws in force for any claim in this regard.


All contents of this application, including trademarks, intellectual property, text, graphic designs, logos and all other content, are owned by Innovation Pioneers for Information Technology Company Ltd and are protected by copyright laws in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Use of The Application

It is strictly forbidden to use obscene or offensive language or any kind of abuse or violation of public morals such as (placing inappropriate content, insulting, threatening, selling or promoting prohibited content/products and anything that is contrary to laws and regulations of Saudi Arabia). If any user breaches this clause or any other clause of this agreement, the application owner reserves the right to suspend, ban or delete the offending user account and the offender has agrees he has no right request any kind of compensation for the loss of their in-app gold balance or any other loss.

The Application and Owner Disclaimer:

– The application owner will not be responsible for any direct or indirect damages, liabilities or losses.

– The application owner is not responsible for indemnifying any of the Service Providers, the Service Seeker or anyone else in any way.

– The Service Provider explicitly agrees that this agreement cannot be considered as a recruitment, employment or that CAAJOO is a service provider, but the owner has established the CAAJOO platform, to be used by service providers to market their services in accordance with the terms and policies of this agreement, and to facilitate the life of the service seeker by finding service providers in the easiest possible manner.

– The application owner does not have any guarantees regarding the services provided.

– In any case a contradiction arise as a result of definitions or terms used in this ‘English’ version of the agreement, the terms and conditions and privacy policy in the ‘Arabic’ version shall govern.

User Commitment:

I vow not to:

• Illegally use the application services, including the collection of any information such as user names, e-mail addresses or contact numbers by any mean for any purpose.

• Utilize any action for the purpose of disruption or establishment of an unjustified burden on the application or the networks or services associated with the application.

• Attempting to impersonate another person or user.

• Use the username or account of another person.

• Use any information obtained from the application in order to harass, abuse or harm someone else.

• Decrypt, reverse engineer any of the software that makes up the application or forms part of the application.

• Attempting to bypass any application actions designed to block or restrict access to the application or any part of the application.

• Harassment, inconvenience, intimidation or threat to the application owner or entity through any means of communication or any of its employees.

• The copyright or intellectual property rights infringement of the application is disturbed in any form.

• Use the application in any manner that violates the regulations of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the regulations in force.

• Damage to the application in any way.

• Any suspicion of illegal operations on the application.



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